CIS 19 Tic Tac Tow final project sources

color.h - DOS ansi color defines
 color.cpp - Empl for color class
dsplymgr.cpp - Screen display manger functions
 final.cpp - Main client driver file
 glyph.h - Glyph class defines ( ascii glyphs )
 glyph.cpp - Empl for glyph class
 minimap.h - Screen mini map class defines
 minimap.cpp - Empl for screen mini map
 openpos.cpp - Draw detection code
proto.h - Function prototypes
 screen.h - Defines for screen positions
 tables.h - View table defines and initializers
 weight.h - Weight structure for offensive moves
 weight.cpp - Not currently used
win.h - Win structure for 3D cube
win.cpp - Win detection and block move empl
Makefile - A makefile for use with linux or other Unix platforms

Notes: This code has been compiled on Redhat Linux GCC,  SCO Unix GCC and Windows 98 with both the MS Visual C++ 6.0 and Borland CBuilder 5.0.  For unix users you will need to comment out two lines in the final.cpp file. This will not run on Windows ME because  ME does not support real mode drivers.  The ansi.sys file that is required for this program is a real mode driver. For those MS Windows users who would like to run this program make sure you have a "DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ANSI.SYS" line in your C:\config.sys file. There is no warranty nor support for this code.