RnB's DIY High grade speaker cable

I've been into exotic cable building for a while, and decided to create a tutorial for other DIY people out there, that would like to create some really nice looking cables. You can build $400 cables at a fraction of the price and about 1 1/2 hours of your time. This project requires some level of skill with the heat gun. I am not responsible for an damage and adverse effects this project may result in ie.. you mix up the conductors and cause a short, burn down your house with the hot knife, singe the hairs on your knuckles with the heat gun and so on. So common sense is required. If done correctly, You should end up with a fine looking/performing speaker cable. My entire set up is wired with these cables and hopefully you will find this tutorial useful. Once again This project will require some level of skill and competence since you will be using tools that are potentially dangerous if used improperly. Subject matter/Photos on this tutorial may not be used outside this website without prior permission from me.

You can contact me @ my email if you have any questions about this tutorial or would like a more in depth explanation on any certain step in this tutorial. Now to the fun part. Lets begin!


  • Canare 4s11 Speaker Cable
  • 3/8" techflex any color
  • 1/4" black techflex
  • Heat Gun
  • Hot knife
  • Scissors
  • 12mm adhesive heat shrink 3-1
  • 19 mm adhesive heat shrink 3-1
  • 6" low temp red heat shrink 3-1
  • 6" low temp white heat shrink 3-1
  • 1" Black heat shrink (got mine at Fry's)
  • wire stripper/cutter
  • 3/4" wire loom
  • Vampire Wire banana plugs p#558
  • knife/utility knife
  • jeweler's flat head screwdriver (for termination)
  • note: The heat gun can be replaced with a Hair blow dryer, at the expense of longer heat times, but may not be hot enough to melt adhesive lining in heat shrink. Or you can get a cheaper heat gun. I chose Vampire Wire bananas for this project because they have some of the nicest bananas I've seen outside of locking plugs.

    Step one

    First Sleeve the cable with the 3/8" techflex of your choice. Then cut the length of sleeving with a hot knife so that 10" of bare cable is exposed at both ends. Do not use scissors! the techflex will fray and disassemble.

    Next, cut a small piece of 12mm adhesive heat shrink and shrink it on the ends of the sleeving, so that it prevents the tech flex from sliding around the cable.

    Get a knife/utility knife and carefully cut the outer jacket, if you cut too deep , the inside conductors will be cut, so be careful, practice with some spare canare cables first to get used to the depth of the jacket. Then remove the jacket and Cut off any excess cotton fibers and paper. Then twist the two red leads and two white leads together in a counter clock wise fashion. Twist the same amount of rotations the conductors had when you first remove the jacket.

    sleeve each lead with one red 6" heat shrink and one white heat shrink to their proper colors respectively. (position both tubes evenly with each other) Use your heat gun and shrink the tubes, make sure you shrink the tubes evenly. Never hold the heat gun in one spot for too long or you will melt the conductors. Then cut 2 runs 6" in length of 1/4" black tech flex, with a hot knife, and slide them over the leads. There should be a bit of play room on both ends between the techflex and shrunk tubing. This is good.

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